Meet Metcalf Land & Lawn

Our Mission

"To profitably be of service to others by being good stewards to, and thereby enhancing the enjoyment of, God's beautiful creations."

The History

    In 1980 Kim began serving customers in north central Oklahoma with a small fertilizer business named Metcalf Fertilizer.  Overtime, this business grew into Metcalf LTD, a custom application and chemical sales business in Jet, Oklahoma, that was established in 1992.  The business was founded on service, and Kim's customers came to rely on him for timely applications of fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and lime.  Knowledge also aided the success of the business as Kim's crop consultations helped his customers achieve better yields.  Metcalf LTD was sold in 2000, and Kim pursued some other endeavors. 

    In the meantime his sons, Kaleb and Max, began their own small business in the Spring of 2000, aptly calling it Metcalf Brothers.  It began as a way for both boys to make money for college by mowing their customers' lawns throughout the growing season.  Through providing the same good service on which their father's business had been founded and by the good Lord's blessing the business grew to more than what the two boys could do alone.  It was then that Kim, along with Gerald Wynes, reentered the business and formed Metcalf & Wynes in 2003.  The two added commercial and crop consulting services to the existing business.  Gerald has since moved on to form his own crop consulting and landscape maintenance business in Ponca City, and in 2005 Metcalf Land & Lawn was established.  

   When Kaleb graduated college with a degree in Turf Management, it seemed the natural choice to return to the family business, and Max continues to work for the company during his summers and breaks from college.  Now two generations of Metcalf men are working along side one another in a family business with deep roots in service and knowledge.  The business has now blossomed into a multifaceted operation that serves a three county area with lawn care and crop consulting services and sustains four full-time employees and seasonal part-time help.  The business that was once just two boys mowing and spraying residential customers' lawns, now manages the fertilizer and chemical applications in their customers' lawns; consults on agricultural crops; and maintains industrial sites, commercial landscapes, and sports turf. 

The People

Kim Metcalf     

  • Kim graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Agriculture Economics.  He is the owner and manager with over 21 years of experience in the custom application, retail sales, and crop consulting business in the Jet, Nash, Helena, Goltry area prior to Metcalf Land & Lawn.  Although he oversees all areas of the business, Kim's primary focus is crop advising.  He is a Master Gardener course graduate, was one of 13 in the inaugural class of Oklahoma Certified Crop Advisors, and has maintained that certification for the past 15 years, even being named Oklahoma's CCA of the year in 2008.  He and his wife Kimberly have been married for 34 years and have 3 children: Max, a student at OSU; Kaleb, and his wife Andrea who live in Enid, and the oldest,Tai, and her husband Matt Crabtree of Enid.

Kaleb Metcalf

  • Kaleb has been with Metcalf Land & Lawn since it began, and even before as one of the Metcalf Brothers who started with a small mowing and spraying business during their summers off from school.  He formally joined the family business full-time after graduating from Oklahoma State University in May of 2006.  He holds a degree in Horticulture with a specialization in Turf Management.  Kaleb's responsibilities have grown since coming into the business, and now he manages the turf and commercial maintenance services and focuses on serving our lawn care customers.  Personally, his roles have also recently changed as he and his wife Andrea were married in May of 2009, and the happy couple resides in Enid, Oklahoma. 

 Rhonda McCart

  • Rhonda has been a long time part of the Metcalf Land & Lawn family both figuratively and literally.  Formerly working with Kim at Metcalf LTD and with Metcalf & Wynes, Rhonda has been the office manger of Metcalf Land & Lawn since its inception in 2005.  Not only is she the friendly voice that you hear on the other end of the phone, Rhonda also oversees everything from billing, to advertising, to asset management.  She and her husband Dale reside in Nash, Oklahoma.  Together they have three children: Clint, Robby and his wife Elyse, and Kaycee, as well as four grandchildren: Jesse, Caitlin, David, and Layla.


 Matt Crabtree

  •   Matt joined Metcalf Land & Lawn in April 2014 and has since focused primarily on the weed control and fertilization of our customers yards. After graduating from Oklahoma State University Matt worked in both the financial and insurance service industries before moving to Enid, Oklahoma. Matt's past work experiences has proven helpful as he has helped us tremendously in the grouping and organization of our workload. Matt is married to Tai (Metcalf) Crabtree, and together they live and raise their daughter Emily here in Enid, Oklahoma. 


Troy Hormel


  • Troy joined Metcalf Land & Lawn in September of 2015. Troy helps us with the weed control, fertilization, mowing, and commercial property maintenance on a daily basis. Metcalf Land & Lawn hopes to utilize his farming background and life experiences to better serve our customers. Troy is married to his wife Betsy and they happily make their home in Enid, Oklahoma.


Chris Regier


  • Chris began working with us in July of 2015 as a part time employee of Metcalf Land & Lawn. Chris helps Metcalf Land & Lawn tremendously in both his versatility and willingness to do anything we need to best serve our customers.