Ahhh.... The Winter Months

I've noticed more and more people are beginning to read my blog, thus I would like to apologize for not updating it as often as I should. From the title of the blog you could probably tell that I am in a kind of holding pattern until next spring when the days get longer and things begin to green up. None the less I still think there are a couple of things we should all remember about our lawns during the winter months.

First off your lawn is not dead during the winter months it is simply dormant, so please treat your lawn as you would during the summer. So often we see people turn off their irrigation system, winterize the mower and forget about their lawn until next spring when all of the sudden it does not look like they think it should. You should instead check on your lawn periodically to make sure it has plenty of moisture, and is mowed at the proper height to ensure it is well insulated for the cold winter months. These rules apply to both Fescue and Bermudagrass as they both need moisture and insulation to make it through winter.

On this same note, people should also be careful where they use salt or fertilizer to melt ice to on their sidewalks. As often times they apply way too much of these products and then when they run off they kill the grass that borders these areas. What kills the grass in this situation is simply salt, or the overabundance of salt in the soil. Therefore by the time the grass is dead your soil already has too much salt in it to allow the grass to come back next year. So please be careful when using these products, while very useful they can also cause you problems you don't often think about.

Keep it green,

Kaleb Metcalf

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