Chemicals are just tools.

Chemicals are just tools.

Many times I think producers expect to much from chemicals.  They are just tools in the tool chest, and do not replace good managment. Many chemicals have to have certain conditions for them to work, i.e., pre-emergents have to have rain to activate them, almost all need a growing crop to control and compete with the target weed, most are very target selective getting this weed but doing nothing to another, etc.  Residual chemicals may get 6 out of the 10 weeds in the target area but the 4 remaining species are going to look awful ugly. Pre-emergent chemicals may get 90 out of 100 seeds at germination, but those ten survivors look awful crowded in a square foot.  Most chemical manufacturers seem to be having a hard time bringing  new chemistry to the market fast enough to stay up with Mother Nature, who seems to be bringing new restistance monthly.  Most of the time chemicals will not save you, but need to be integrated in with all the other management practices that bring a successful crop to harvest.  They are just tools in the tool chest, and I would hate to be without them. 

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