Clues on Grubs....

People often ask me what signs or symptoms they can look for to know if they have a grub problem. To me there are several clues to know if you have a grub problem, yet none of them are an absolute.

1. The first way to know if you have grubs is if you notice either skunks or armadillos digging holes or making divots in your lawn. Generally they will start digging little divots in your lawn in small patches underneath a street or porch light where the grubs are most numerous. So if you notice something has dug little holes all over your yard in small patches, it could be a sure bet you may have grubs.

2. Another way a person may know they have grubs is go outside at night and turn on a porch light or walk underneath a street light to see if they are a lot of junebugs flying or crawling around. They may be able to fly or crawl in from other places but if there are a lot of them chances are they are there because the local population is larger than it should be.

3. The final way a person can know if they have grubs is to get on their hand and knees and try to see if the bermudagrass will peel back like carpet. All we are doing here is checking to see if the grubs have chewed up the roots so much that the grass is not rooted in well. Also when you peel back the grass you should look for grubs to be right underneath the grass surface, which will answer your question of whether or not you have grubs in your lawn.

To control grubs one must own up to the fact they have grubs and then contact us to schedule an application. We generally try to make grub control applications in May and June, just as the grubs and their larvae are nearing the soils surface. The chemical we use to control grubs is very safe, and poses no threat to either our customers or their pets. Another added benefit of spraying for grubs is the chemical we use also controls many other insects and unwanted pests in your lawn.

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