Corn, Wheat,Canola, Alfalfa Update

Corn, Wheat,Canola, Alfalfa Update

Observations update: In general, not field specific.

Corn: Most of the corn that I know of was not emerged at the time of the freeze last week and seems fine. The seeds have a sprout and roots when you dig them up not showing any signs of rot. The corn that had emerged suffered a foliage burn but corn’s growing point does not come above the ground until sometime between v3 and v5 so it should be fine.

Wheat: I am sure I am a little early to be looking but I have slit wheat plants from the northern edge of Grant co. to the northern edge of Garfield co. and it looks like the vast majority of our wheat survived. I am sure that this varies from field to field and some fields took more of a “ding” but generally speaking the wheat crop survived in our area. Another freeze potential coming Thursday night? We shall see.

There have been several green bug spots showing up in area wheat fields the last 2 to 3 weeks, however the spots never did multiply or enlarge. Usually if you examine the perimeter (3 to 4 foot out) the aphid pressure was greatly reduced and there were multiple mummified green bugs present where the wasps have stung them as well as multiple lady bug larvae. It seems that the beneficial predator insects may be saving the day as we dance along the knife edge of an aphid infestation.

Canola: The canola fields that survived the fall and winter drought and that are going to be harvested seem to have survived the freeze(s) thus far. Canola is an indeterminant plant meaning it does not bloom all at once but blooms along over time. I am oversimplifying the process but a freeze might knock some blooms off of the bolting plant but the plant then blooms some more as it bolts. So far so good on the canola.

Alfalfa: Most of the alfalfa has had an insecticide applied already for the control of weevils. We are now reaching the end of the residual period for that insecticide application and unfortunately the weevil hatch has not seemed to stop. The cooler temperatures over the last 2 weeks have also held the growth of the alfalfa in check not letting it grow away from the worm pressure as well as delaying the time of 1st cutting. Long story short, we will probably need to spray the alfalfa crop again for the control of weevils and that would be starting anytime.



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