Crop Consulting

Crop consulting is a mature concept in most of the country's agriculture.  As more and more rotational crops are being grown in north central Oklahoma, as well as the with increase in farm size, consulting is becoming increasingly more important in this area.  Metcalf Land & Lawn not only has a rich background in fertilization, ag-chemicals, and crop advising with over two decades of experience, but we also have a rich familiarity with the land and crops grown in this region.  Metcalf Land & Lawn contracts directly with individual producers by hour, or, annually, on a per acre basis, and has a contract for crop consultation with Farmer's Grain Company, serving 11 north central Oklahoma locations.  By covering such a large area and a wide variety of crops, we are able to see many acres and maintain currency on what is happening in the area's various crop fields.

We offer a wide variety of crop consulting services including regular field checks, fertilizer and chemical recommendations, insect, weed and disease scouting, crop rotation planning, and soil sampling, as well as our blog with up to date recommendations and information on what we are seeing in the field.  Below you will find a description of our services and the benefits of having a seasoned crop advisor working for you.  Metcalf Land & Lawn would love to serve you, so if you have questions or would like to request our Certified Crop Advising services, please do not hesitate to call.

  • Regular Field Checks
    • As your crops are growing, we will make regular checks to help ensure the health and progress of your crops.  Due to the wide region that we cover, we are better able to stay in front of potential problems that may affect your crop.  We know that some situations require quick movement and timely advice.  It is our goal to help our customers rest at ease as we monitor the health of your crop and to help you act quickly if action needs to be taken.
  • Insect, Weed, and Disease Scouting
    • We are well versed in scouting for the presence of insects, weeds, and disease issues in our customers' fields.  We use our past experience and knowledge of the latest and most effective products and application rates to make appropriate recommendations to control these issues as they threaten our clients' crops.
  • Soil Sampling
    • Metcalf Land & Lawn can provide soil sampling for your fields to accurately determine the nutrients that your soils need for maximum crop yields.  We consistently sample to ensure accurate results and to aid in our recommendations for fertilization and micro-nutrients. 
  • Fertilizer Recommendations
    • At Metcalf land & Lawn we are not a retail sales business, so you can rely on us provide accurate and unbiased recommendations based on your soil analysis.  We take into account the levels of the fertilizer carried over in your soils, as well as other nutrient levels, and make our recommendations to enable you to meet your yield goals.  
  • Crop Rotation Planning
    • Let Metcalf Land & Lawn help you make decisions concerning your crop rotations.  Crop rotations are a great way to keep your fields clean of weed problems, lower the occurrence of disease problems, and help maintain healthy nutrient levels in your soils.  We help our customers take into account a variety of factors, such as herbicide use, commodity prices, and others, to plan their plantings and increase their yields and profitability.