Fall application...

As fall approaches, all warm season plants are sensing the days are shortening and it's time to start getting ready for winter. Meanwhile cool season plants and weeds are preparing to emerge and begin growing. This is where our fall application comes into play, as many of the weeds we spray for in the spring actually emerge in fall and bloom in the spring. So by controlling them before they emerge or when they are just seedlings we can expect much better control of these weeds. Henbit, dandelion, poa annua, and other winter grasses are all weeds that we can control in the fall and minimize the appearance of them in your lawn next spring.

I've also had a lot of questions lately about controlling crabgrass at this time of year. To be honest it's a little too late, as the crabgrass is just about done with it's life cycle, and is somewhat hardened off to chemicals as they are no longer really growing. The best way to control crabgrass is to stay ahead of it with pre-emergent applications, both in the spring and in the summer. By making pre-emergent applications we hope to stay ahead of the emergence cycles of crabgrass, and keep their population numbers to a minimum.


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Kaleb Metcalf

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