I have been asked several times lately about fungicides on this years wheat crop. It really boils down to, as almost everything does, economics. Will it pay?

A fungicide application does not increase yield potential, it SAVES yield potential, and statistically speaking over a period of time it generally saves 10%. Some years more, some years less, but an average over time of 10%

However the price of the commodity (wheat) has gone up in recent years, and the price of the input (fungicides) has worked down this year, and that changes the economics. The bushels per acre yield potential break even point has gotten a little lower.

Example: If you save 10% of a 25 bushel/acre wheat yield it would net you 2.5 bushel/acre. This 2.5 bushel saved at $7.00/bushel price is $17.50/acre. For 17 to 18 dollars you can have applied a very good, dual action fungicide. Anything over 25 bushel/acre wheat would be making you money if wheat is at $7.00

So evaluate your wheat field for field, there are a lot of acres that could warrant a fungicide application.


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