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I know it has been longer than a week since I last blogged, I apologize I got busy. There are two big questions that people have been asking me this spraying season.

1. How long after you spray can it start raining?

Generally speaking I would love to have 3-4 hours after I spray before it rains. Yet often times the weather is unpredictable in Enid, Oklahoma and we can get caught much quicker than 3-4 hours after we spray with a rain. We are aware of this from the get go, and we choose to use excellent chemicals and surfactant that prevent us from having problems with unexpected rain events. However, when we have sprayed a lawn and an unexpected rain event occurs we will notify the customer of the problem, and watch it closely to insure everything does work properly and the customer is happy.

2. When is it too early to begin spraying yards in the spring?

My general rule of thumb of when to start spraying lawns is right around February 1st of each year. Generally this is when the days have started to turn a little bit warmer and the days have began to get a little bit longer which gets the weeds up and growing. So by capturing the weeds while they have just began growing again we can control them while they are very small and unnoticable, while also laying down the pre-emergent that will come into play later on as the summer annual weeds begin to emerge.


Overall we have a had a warm wet start to the spring season in Enid, Oklahoma and because of that we have began spraying lawns already and expect everything to work perfectly!

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