There are several insect pests out and about in the country that should be watched for.

In the soybeans these would include the Green Clover worm (foliage eater), the Cabbage Looper (foliage eater), the Stink Bug (pod damage), and the Corn Ear Worm aka Soybean Pod Worm (pod damage).

The beans can loose about 20-25% of their foliage at the stage most are in and still not have yield loss so unless there are high numbers of the foliage eaters, spraying might be avoided. The economic threshold for pod damage (the Stink Bug and the Corn Ear Worm) is lower and an insecticide application may be more imperative.

If the bean crop looks like it might have some yield potential and needs a shot of glyphosate to clean the field up, it might be prudent, as these insects in some locations seem to be building, to add insecticide to the mix. Kill them all and let God sort them out.

In the grain sorghum that still has some yield potential the pest to watch for would be Corn Ear Worm, aka the Sorghum Head Worm. This worm has already been in some of the sorghum wrapped in the whorl of the plant and eating the leaves. As the leaves come out of the whorl they exhibit a “shot hole” effect. This does not seem to affect yield and applying an insecticide while the worm is wrapped up has proven most times to be ineffective. As the head of the sorghum plant emerges so does the worm. The worm can do a lot of yield damage once it is on the head of the plant (1 worm can cause a 5% yield reduction) and is exposed so the insecticide application at this time has good efficacy.

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