It's Never Too Late! (repeat)

It's Never Too Late! (repeat)

It’s never too late!

I noticed Kaleb wrote something on the other side of the web site that mentioned something about his working relationship with his Dad (me). Made me think about working with my Dad and about getting older.

My Dad and I built a lot of things together through the years but I am going to tell a story about one of the things we built…….and about getting older.

We built an airplane together. Not an ultra light, but an airplane called a Kitfox. If you are at all familiar with airplanes think of a plane somewhat like a piper cub only a little smaller and with more performance.

It took us about 2.5 to 3 years to build it and we were building the wings when my youngest son (Max) was born. That is how I remember how old the plane is.

After much debate about who was most likely to survive the first flight, who had the fastest reflexes, who had the most to live for or the most to loose, etc. I flew the first flight…….but that is another story.

Not too many years ago Dad had mentioned to an older gentleman that he would take him flying on his birthday and the old fellow took him up on the offer.

So on a spring day in 2007 a 101 year old man drove himself to the airstrip, climbed in a 20 year old experimental airplane, piloted by an 82 year old pilot. Combined experience of all three of over 203 years.

They had a great time.

So next time you think you might be getting to old to have an adventure……you might want to think again.


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