Lawn update as of March 16, 2011

On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about the green up that is going on all around us. We are well on our way to warmer temperatures and longer days, and nature knows it. The trees are beginning to put buds on, some even have begun to bloom, signaling spring is just around the corner. For those with bermudagrass lawns they too are beginning to green up, and just about everywhere you go you can find green bermudagrass in your lawn.  Unfortunately for us in the lawn care industry this means we have to change how we approach lawn management and caring for our customers' lawns. First off we have taken Round-Up out of our tank mix, because when spraying it this late you run the risk of setting back the lawn you are spraying as it now has green tissue which is prone to injury from the use of Round-Up. As spring is coming your cool season broadleaf weeds have become more mature and begin to harden off. This makes them more difficult to control with a normal herbicide application. So we will begin to run a higher rate of our broadleaf weed control herbicides and expand our use of different chemistries in order to achieve better control of the weeds in our customer's lawns. Honestly after having written all this, I think this blog is more of a mental note to myself and something to keep in mind as I go about my job. I hope it's given you some insight as to what we have to think through on a daily basis as we service our customers' lawns.

Note: I have been checking on some lawns I sprayed earlier on in the season, and it reminded me of something that occurs every year. Henbit, is terribly slow and boring to watch die. Unlike some weeds, this weed does not curl up and turn brown in a week, it simply quits growing, twists up just a little bit, and then goes away only after being mowed. For those of you that requested or had us use Round-Up on your lawn please keep in mind it will be 14-21 days before you will begin to see true death of the unwanted grasses in your lawn. After being sprayed they will simply turn purple and then slowly begin to yellow out eventually signaling surrender.

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3. Darrence wrote:
February 16, 2009 - 6:10 pm Cathy, you are right. Queasy is the word. Giving up control of my customer is a currency I m willing to spend. The list is hand picked and not nearly everyone in our customer base is on the list. Our bet is that few competitors will follow this lead, since it is so gutsy. Every few months I followup with showcase lawns Owners and ask them about requests to them. Turns out the extra attention to these handpicked customers is greatly appreciated. They are more loyal then ever! Queasiness evaporates.

Thu, June 27, 2013 @ 1:19 AM

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