It has been a while since I have posted. I was traveling for part of it....................and it's just that time of year for agriculture, everybody is just taking a deep breath and getting ready for the next push.

Here are a few topics I might make a comment on to get up to date:

Winter canola is looking good and in most cases it looks like a good stand was obtained.  I have had some questions as to when to apply the first go round of glyphosate.  In most cases if that main flush of cheat, rye, wheat, jointed goat grass, etc. (the stuff you were trying to clean up by growing canola) has emerged and is where you can hit it with the chemical and the canola has enough size on it not to get ripped up, then go for it.  So far I have not seen enough insect activity (worm or aphid) to warrant an insecticide application, but checking your canola before going over it might be a good idea.

In winter wheat, it is a good time to be looking for cheat, downy brome, japanese brome, wild oats, rye grass, etc. .  Fall applications of grass herbicides such as Powerflex or Olympus have more efficacy (work better) in the fall when the target plant is small and not winter hardened.  Not all in between row plants are cheat........if it is jointed goat grass you will have a hard time controlling it with a chemical unless you have planted a Clearfield wheat and can spray it with Beyond.  Other wise grazing it out and pulling the cattle reasonably early and then killing the remaining plants quickly is a remaining option. If you have ground that is plagued with jointed goat grass, then rotating out of wheat into a summer crop may be the way to go.

As the double crop milo, soybeans, and corn come off the field and these places go into fallow with the intention of going to a summer crop next spring, I would urge you to clean up those fields this fall. Sometime this late fall or early winter, maybe after the winter weeds and grasses have emerged I would at minimum clean them up with glyphosate and 24d and there are several residual chemicals that could be added to that mixture.  Don't wait till March to clean up the ground.  Think of all the moisture and nutrients lost, and the unwanted, winter hardened plants that are much harder to kill if you wait.


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