Rain?........Grass Control in Wheat?

Rain?........Grass Control in Wheat?

With the blessed moisture ( although some what limited) we recieved over the weekend, perhaps we can germinate some of these unwanted plants (grasses) in our wheat fields.  Fall is often the best time to control those grasses (when they are small). 

Below is some information on the various herbicide options for that purpose:

Grass Herbicide Cheat Sheet

Here is a guide sheet to the wheat grass herbicides: Not meant to replace labeling.


Use rate is 3.5 ounce per acre.

Apply from 3 leaf wheat to jointing.

Very good on Cheat, Japanese Brome, Wild Oats, As good as any on Downy Brome (often times just suppression) , Italian Rye grass (if it is not already ALS resistant) , and it has suppression on Rescue grass.

Needs 2 qts./100 gal. of surfactant and control is enhanced with the addition of 17 lbs./100 AMS.

Can be applied with UAN (28-0-0) up to 50% of mix not to exceed 30 lbs. N/acre.

Drop surfactant back to 1 qt./100 if applying with UAN, and expect some leaf burn.

Has the most broad leaf weed control on it’s label and can (should) be mixed with MCPA ester formulation.

Can also be mixed with Finesse for residual weed control.

Rotation intervals are as follows:

Corn - 9 months, Soybeans - 3 months, Sorghum - 3 months, Sunflowers - 9 months, Canola - 9 months, Cotton - 3 months

There is a 7 day grazing restriction.

Comments: Due to the wider spectrum of weed control, target grasses as well as shorter rotation intervals, Powerflex is probably the grass chemical control option to lead with. It is basically a contact herbicide and will not have as much residual as say Olympus and the target plants will need to be up. Fall applications usually have more efficacy.


Use rate is .9 (9/10ths) ounce per acre. Maximum per acre in crop year is 1.2 oz. (.9 in fall followed by .3 in spring if desired)

Apply 2 leaf wheat to jointing.

Good on Cheat, Japanese Brome, suppression on Downy Brome, and some suppression on Rescue Grass.

Needs 2 qts./100 gal. of surfactant.

Can be applied with UAN up to 50% of mix not to exceed 30 lbs. N/acre.
Drop surfactant back to 1 qt./100gal. If using UAN, and expect more leaf burning.

Has decent spectrum of broad leaf weed control and can (should) be mixed with MCPA ester.

Can also be mixed with Finesse for longer weed control residual.

Rotation intervals are as follows:

Corn - 18 months, STS soybeans - 4 months, Conventional soybeans - 12 months, Sorghum - 12 months,

Sunflowers - 12 months, Cotton - 12 months.

There is no grazing restriction.

Comments: Olympus has great residual activity on cheat and Japanese brome so not all of them have to be up. It is also a proven product on these grasses. It will not get oats, or have any activity on rye grass, and the rotation intervals are longer. Fall applications usually have more efficacy.

Axial: For Ryegrass and Wild Oats

Use rate is 16.4 ounce per acre.

Can be applied from 2 leaf stage of wheat to pre boot.

Is good on Rye grass and Wild oats, will not get any of the bromes.

Requires no surfactants.

Can be mixed with UAN up to 50% of its volume

Basically has no broad leaf weed control but can be mixed with MCPA ester and or Finesse

Is a contact herbicide, no residual.

Should not use over 10 gallon/acre in coverage.

Rotation intervals are as follows:

4 months to anything.

There is a 30 day grazing restriction.

Comments: Axial is only good on rye grass and wild oats, but is usually very good on those. Is one of the few grass chemicals that works about as well in the spring as it does the fall.

Cheat control in wheat is one of those instances that all of your producers who have a cheat problem should do, it makes economic sense, and you can look them right in the eye and tell them so.

Some studies suggest that a light infestation of cheat (5 plants/square foot) can reduce yields by 7.5%. On a 40 bushel yield that is 3 bushels……more than enough to pay for the application in yield loss alone not counting dockage at the elevator and that is only on a light infestation. Practical real world experience tells us that IF they have an infestation in their wheat field with cheat and they control it they can easily double there investment they spent in the chemical and application with improved yield.

Fall applications work best……..the chemicals work better………reduces the competition in wheat earlier…..and should be encouraged………..but if they have cheat next Feb. they still probably will make money by applying the grass herbicide.

Make sure producers realize not all the between row plants they may see out there in their fields are necessarily cheat, and some cheats are harder to kill than others. Downy Brome is a form of cheat and all the herbicides just suppress it. None of them kill jointed goat grass, and only a few even suppress rescue grass.


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