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During the heat of the summer it is only human nature to consider watering your lawn in order to keep it nice and green. Yet very few people think through how to do it properly or in a way that is not wasteful. With water rights and clean fresh groundwater becoming increasingly valuable, learning how to irrigate intelligently is something we should all learn how to do. A common mistake I see people commit is watering during the heat of the day when evaporation rates are highest, it has been shown that up to 75% of water applied to a lawn during the heat of the day is lost to evaporation. Not only do you lose a lot of water to irrigation during the heat of the day, but you are also creating a environment well suited for fungal infections to begin in your lawn. Another common mistake people make is letting your sprinkler or irrigation system run way too long, to the point water is running out of your yard and onto the curb where it finds it's way into the city sewer system. You should water your lawn only to the point you keep it green and during the heat of the day it does not turn purple in color. It may take you a little bit of adjusting and playing with the amount time you irrigate each portion of your lawn, but it will pay off.

An example of this, is my neighbor. He waters his lawn relentlessly in hopes of keeping it nice and green during the heat of the summer, yet complains about his water bill each time he gets it. So one day he asked me what my water bill was and I told him, and to his shock my water bill was half of what his was even though I have an irrigation system that runs 4-5 days a week for each part of lawn. Not even I was ready for how big of difference there was but it makes sense when you think about it as I irrigate each morning at 4:00 am, before the sun rises and winds are generally the calmest.

In the end, I would simply try and water your lawn early in the morning and late in the evening when evaporation rates are lowest. Also try to keep the amount of water you apply in mind, and make sure it's not running down your curb.






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