Lawn Care Programs & Fertilization

Metcalf Land & Lawn offers several different options to allow our customers to customize a plan that best fits their lawn care needs. Below are the basic outlines of our pre-packaged programs. Any additional fertilizer or herbicide applications can be added a la carte to any of our following spraying programs.  If you do not find a package that suits your lawn care needs please call us, and we will be more than happy to help you customize a plan for your yard. 

5-Step Weed Control and Fertilization Program:

  1. Spring Application
    • Post-emergent control of weeds such as Henbit & Dandelion, plus pre-emergent application for prevention of Crabgrass and Sandburs
  2. Late Spring Fertilization
    • Granular fertilizer application to green up and promote growth in your lawn as summer begins
  3. Mid Summer Application
    • Both post-emergent and pre-emergent herbicides will be applied at this time, post-emergent to control weeds that have germinated and pre-emergent to control future Crabgrass and Sandbur problems
    • Nutsedge can also be controlled at this time, so please let us know if this is a problem in your yard
  4. Late Summer Fertilization
    • Second application of granular fertilizer aimed at maintaining your lawn's rich green color and helping build the grass's food reserves for the cooler months ahead
  5. Fall  Application
    • Both post-emergent and pre-emergent herbicide applications to control any of the winter annual weeds that have germinated in your lawn and to aid in prevention of further germinations of weeds coming up in late winter or early spring

 3 Step Lawn Care Program:

  1. Spring Application
    • Application of both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides designed to control the weeds currently growing such as Henbit & Dandelion, as well as those that have yet to emerge such as Crabgrass & Sandburs
  2. Mid-Summer Application
    •  A second application of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides designed to help control and prevent present and future Nutsedge, Crabgrass, and Sandbur problems
  3. Fall Application
    • Final application of the year is designed with both post-emergent and pre-emergent chemicals to help control the weeds that are present at application and to help prevent weeds emerging in the winter and early spring

1 Step Lawn Care Program:

This single application is made in the spring as many weeds have already emerged and are actively growing and as summer weeds are about two months from germinating.  We combine both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides in an effort to control any unwanted weeds in your yard. The weeds most commonly controlled with this application are Henbit, Dandelion, Winter Grasses, Crabgrass, and Sandburs.

    • Sandburs germinate throughout the summer growing season.  For the best control possible we recommend two applications, the first between February and April and the second between June 1st and July 15th.
    • Nutsedge is a hard to control weed that cannot consistently be prevented with a pre-emergent.  Instead, it must be controlled with a post-emergent application to the actively growing plant. An easy identification of this plant can be made by pulling it out of the ground and looking at its base.  If the base is triangular in shape you have Nutsedge.
    • Crabgrass is another prevalent weed in North Central Oklahoma.  In lawns with extreme cases of Crabgrass we recommend one pre-emergent application in mid to late April and a second in mid to late June to control both early and late emergence's of this weed.


Metcalf Land & Lawn uses granular fertilizers specifically blended for use on residential lawns to ensure proper distribution and to promote environmental safety.  Each time we make an application we consider the nutritional needs of the turfgrass where the application is to be made and the environmental implications of the application.  We focus on maintaining the correct balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in the soil as well as other micro-nutrients required for optimal turf growth. One micro-nutrient that we often apply is iron as many of our local soils have been leached of the iron needed to provide the rich green color that our customers desire in their lawns.  We also use sulfur or polymer coated, medium and slow release fertilizers to ensure environmental safety.  By using slow release blends, our customers lawns will receive the nutrients they need gradually, over a one to two month period. This benefits both the grass and the environment as it prevents run-off and leaching of the nutrients into undesirable areas.