Valentine Updates

Valentine Updates

Happy Valentines Day.......for your well being I hope you did not forget YOUR valentine.

I generally do not post anything on this blog unless something is happening in the agronomic world.  I can't imagine me telling you how I spent my day looking at the various crops and my inner thoughts on how I feel about it would interest you. Usually my post will be about agronomics and occasionally I get inspired to "cast philosophical" and write something, but  "Pioneer Woman" I am not.

I see my last post was approximately six weeks ago which addressed the winter crops (wheat, canola, alfalfa) and upon reviewing the post I don't think much has changed.  In general our wheat and canola crops look good, Clearfield wheat due to wet conditions will probably just get sprayed once, and a dormant season weed control treatment to alfalfa needs to be done quickly as the window is closing.

One interesting thing of note that many may have seen in the various fields would be the "purpling" leaves of the winter crops, specifically the wheat and canola. It is probably a simplification but we often call this "sugaring up" and is caused by the plant not translocating nutrients properly.  This can be caused by many factors not least among them is a lack of a nutrient and or weather.

In this years wheat and canola crops it probably is a nutrient deficiency caused by the weather.  We have had spring like temperatures while still having a cold soil temperature and dead of winter daylight hours.  The plant may be and probably is confused. I have recently seen and heard of some soil tests and tissue test taken at same time and the results showed adequate nutrient levels in soil but not in the plant......yet.  My feelings are once the plants get the cue from the daylight hours to kick in gear, they will grow out of some of this look we have been seeing.

If you have fallow acres waiting to go to summer crops now would be a good time to clean them up before those weeds kick it in gear.  Start clean. This will also help with resistant weed management. (see below)

I recently attended a crop consultants meeting in Denver along with about two hundred of my closest friends (smile). A large group of consultants came from Kansas, Colorado, S. Dakota, and Texas.  One of the speakers polled the audience asking how many KNOW they have glyphosate resistant Kochia.  2/3rds of the group held up their hand.  He then asked how many THINK they have Dicamba resistant Kochia. 2/3rds of the original 2/3rds again held up their hand.  That is a scary thought. Please be responsible with your spraying and management to slow this process down.

What not to do for your valentine!

Two years ago my wife hinted she wanted something bright and shiny that went from 0 to 200 in about 5 seconds......I got her a set of bathroom scales.

Last year we were going to watch a romantic movie at home together.  As I was flipping throught the channels she asked what was on the television and I said dust!

This year she told me she wanted to go to some place expensive.  Later on we will go to the gas station.



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