Views From Kim's Korner

Views From Kim's Korner

Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.
Mark Twain
Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.
Kin Hubbard

I have had a lot of calls and questions about “yellow” wheat and what might be the cause. In most instances it’s probable cause has been a nutrient deficiency at that particular time. Namely a nitrogen deficiency as seen by the “yellowing” and drying up of the outer most leaf, while the inner leaf or leaves remain green.
In some instances it may be a foliage disease as well, but thus far it has not been insects. The fact that the producer may have 100 lbs. of N out in his field does not mean that the wheat seedling or young plant can not be experiencing an N shortage at that moment. The roots may not have reached the N at this time.

As of this writing I have not seen enough of a build up of any threatening insect to the wheat in our area. Granted, I can not see every acre but I’ve seen a lot of them so far and no insects……yet. That could change any day. Keep watching.

The winter canola is a different story. If a canola field has not had it’s fall application of glyphosate yet then it probably should be applied soon and I would probably recommend applying an insecticide with the glyphosate. More canola fields than not seem infested with the Diamond Back Moth larva (eats holes in the leaves and can over winter in and harm or destroy the bud) and why waste the application trip over the field? Have also had some calls and seen some yellowing of the canola leaves. In most instances this seems to be a nutrient issue as well, but not as easily diagnosed as in wheat. Could be a sulfur or an N deficiency, as well as a pH problem.

With this last blessed rain our wheat and canola crops will head into the winter months in a much stronger position. Both are valuable crops and should be taken care of . Spray winter grasses and weeds out of the wheat, it’s worth it and will normally make money. Clean up your canola with the glyphosate application, fall and spring. One of the reasons you planted canola was to clean up some unwanted pests (rye, goat grass, cheat, etc.) so do not miss your chance, do it right.

Congratulations to everyone for surviving 2011:
The coldest Okla. Temperature low ever, the windiest sustained Okla. weather time period ever recorded, the hottest Okla. summer ever, the driest weather time period in Okla., the worst earthquake ever recorded, as well as flooding, and spring, summer and fall tornado outbreaks. Quakenados! All in about a 9 month time span.

And we are all out there still swinging, answering the bell, fighting the fight. Way to go.

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