Worms are still a problem

Worms are still a problem

Worms unfortunately are still among us.  In the grain sorghum they are in the heads eating the grain and are called sorghum head worms aka corn ear worm.  The economic threshold would be 2 worms per head, and I have not yet seen them at this level.   An insecticide can affectively be applied when they are exposed on the head of the sorghum. 

A more prominent problem seems to be the worms in the soybeans.  I have seen two different worms in the beans this week.  The cabbage looper is an "inch worm" type crawler and eats vegetation........defoliates the leaves. The beans can take about 25 to 30 %  defoliation, depending on maturity, before yield is affected.  This worm twists off, or goes beserk when you touch it.  The other worm which may be of more concern would be the soybean pod worm, aka the corn ear worm.  This worm not only eats foliage, but eats holes in the pods and ruins the beans.  This worm can cause economic damage fast.  It normally does not bother a mature pod as much as a growing immature pod so some beans in the country may be "safer" than others, but the double crop beans and some of the June planted beans would still be very vulnerable.  Worms in beans are or can be difficult to find.  Look for holed pods and check for freshness of the holes is one of the best ways to check for this pest.  If you see the holes then look diligently for the worm.  Kay county has been spraying for worms fairly heavily and it seems to be working it's way west. 

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